Coming February 2024


The Oxford History of the Novel, Volume 8:

American Fiction Since 1940

Edited by Cyrus R. K. Patell and Deborah Lindsay Williams


Rachel Adams • Eliot Borenstein • Donna L. Campbell • Tina Chen • Birgit Däwes
Patrick Deer • Marc Dolan • James Donahue • Siobhan Fallon • Paul Grimstad • Jaime Harker
Waïl S. Hassan • Scott Herring • Lauren HorstHeinz Ickstadt • Edward F. James •
Catherine Keyser • Stephanie LeMenager • Helen Makhdoumian Nikolaj Ramsdal Nielsen
Cyrus R. K. Patell • Ralph E. Rodriguez • Jim Savio • Karen Skinazi
Werner Sollors Bryan Waterman • Deborah Lindsay Williams • Ella Williamson

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In lieu of chapters devoted to “major” authors or texts, this volume of the Oxford History of the Novel explores the diversity of forms, styles, and subjects that mark this period of the literary history of US fiction. Each chapter is accompanied by an “exemplum” devoted to a single text that resonates not only with the chapter but also with the account presented by the volume as a whole. These exempla (represented by the covers shown below) invite us to explore the multiple dimensions of “US literature” in new and unexpected ways.

[Cover selection by Vamika Sinha]